Section 8 Landlords

Section 8 Landlords

How does a Landlord get on the Section 8 program?

Any landlord willing to work within the Section 8 program can rent their unit on the Section 8 program. As discussed previously, the rent must be within the program limits and comparable to other rent in the area, the unit must meet the Housing Quality Standards, and the landlord must be willing to maintain and enforce their obligations under the signed contracts. Stop by The St. Joseph Housing Authority to pick up a Section 8 Handbook.

Listed below are some benefits and commonly asked questions. Any further questions please call 816-236-8200 to speak with the Housing Inspector

What are the Benefits to a Landlord?

  • Having a contracted monthly assistance payment that is on time and guaranteed.
  • If the tenant's income drops, their portion of the rent can be lowered and SJHA'S
    portion can be increased, so the rent doesn't change.
  • There is minimal paperwork to be done and Landlords may use their own dwelling lease.
  • Inspections done by SJHA will help you to maintain your property. Keeping your
    property well-maintained helps ensure its resale value also makes it easier to
    lease up again when a participant does vacate.
  • The program provides an additional avenue for locating tenants to fill your
    vacant units.
  • It allows tenants to maintain financial stability.

Tenant Screening

When a tenant approaches a landlord about renting a unit, it is important to remember they have only been screened by Housing Authority for program eligibility criteria and have not been screened for suitability. This should be the first step performed by the landlord. It is all right to charge a screening fee to the prospective tenant as long as it is the same fee charged to other nonassisted tenants.

List of common discrepancies for Section 8

  • A working smoke detector on each level of the unit.
  • All storms and screens in the windows and no broken panes or torn screens.
  • General cleanliness including appliances.
  • Unobstructed access to one window in each bedroom.
  • Chipping or peeling paint, interior and exterior.
  • Leaking pipes or drains.
  • Torn, loose or damaged carpet or linoleum.
  • Covers on all light fixtures.
  • Damagers to walls or ceilings.

Annual Rent Increases

Units on the Section 8 program are eligible for a rent increase after the initial 12-month term. If a rent increase is requested, it must be submitted in writing, to our office at least 60 days in advance of the anniversary date in order to provide adequate notice to the tenant from the landlord as required by State and local law. A copy of this notice should also be submitted to the tenant.