Scattered Sites Program

Scattered Sites Program

What is the Scattered Sites program?

The Housing Authority of St. Joseph owns and manages 24 single family homes with 3, or 4 bedrooms scattered throughout St. Joseph. Rent is based on 30% of the annual adjusted gross income and family composition guidelines. Residents are required to pay rent to the St. Joseph Housing Authority and keep each unit in a safe, decent, and sanitary condition. A dwelling lease is signed on each unit, and all requirements must be met in order to continue living in low-income housing. Scattered Sites is a home ownership program, it gives you five years or less to secure financing, within this time limit to buy the unit.

How to qualify for the Scattered Sites program?

Applicant must be a family of two or more with at least one child in the household, who meet the minimum and maximum income requirements. Applicants must not have any debts to current or previous landlords. Also, must not owe any money to any housing program in the United States. Family members age 18 and older must pass a criminal background check, credit check, and have acceptable rental history. Applicants must be employed at current job for a period of 1 year

How to apply for the Scattered Sites program?

You must come into the office to pick up an application or print one off of the website proved here. After obtaining an application you must call to set up an appointment to return the completed application and any documents required to process your application. The top page of the application tells you what documents you will need to bring with you to the appointment.